Why I should run my own VPN and DNS servers?

Just don't use paid VPNs and DNS servers, you'll understand how these cybercriminals are obtaining your valuable data after these corrupted companies.

Why I should run my own VPN and DNS servers?
You'll never know it was a dog.

Hackers are everywhere

I have always thought outside the box which has led me to always think about how to get inside the box. Have you seen all these VPN services advertised on all the websites across the internet? There wasn't a day that went by that some YouTuber was telling me to use their product code to get a VPN to stay safe from cybercriminals and keep my data safe. These Influencers are making money off of your purchases and they receive a check for making videos telling you to use certain products. Basically, give them your money.

VPNs are necessary I will not deny this. There are some crazy people in the world from cybercriminals that want your details to right out Stalk your online activity and locations can get you hurt if you're not careful. When you are online you must only click links you trust or can google and verify this also goes for downloading apps. Hackers can do some pretty amazing things but at the same time scary things. In countries around the world, people's voices are being muted and they fear their government's actions. A VPN can get these people's voices heard. Journalists need a safe tunnel to pass news. VPNs are totally necessary for Free Speech.

The problem with a brand name or big VPN services is that criminals know you use them. The number one target is VPN services and it's not just regular users that have to worry about this. Big companies use VPNs, the MIlitary uses VPNs. A VPN breach can cause so much damage in the world. In the last 5 years, we have seen leaks and hacks from almost nearly all the VPN services being advertised to us. We see that these VPN services offer things like No logs or offshore servers, they will even accept crypto to give users a false sense of security. "TRUST IN THEM," they say, as they take your money. Forget free VPNs, servers cost money where do you think these "free" VPNs are getting the money to pay the server bills? Well from you, of course, they use your traffic to make money. You become the product of the "free" VPN.

In the past few years, I have seen a handful of people build their own private tunnel using their old laptops, home desktops, and even a little PI 3 or better. I am not here to sell you anything but there are secure choices for a free VPN you own all the data and you can tunnel into your server or you can even carry it with you. We have OpenVPN as a choice it's pretty complex and I myself do not fully understand how to configure it properly I would recommend the advanced techie take a look at that. WireGuard is another choice and it is user-friendly. There are tons of guides to help you install it on your choice of device. If you decide to set up a VPN please look at this as well, some guides leave this out and it's very important. https://lifehacker.com/how-to-set-up-dhcp-reservations-and-never-check-an-ip-5822605

Before you download an app, pay out of your pocket, or install a client on your computer through a VPN service you do not own, think twice. You do have the option to own your own data and have it for free.

What is a DNS server and why is it important?

A DNS server can be explained simply. When you have a URL like "anonytimes.com" there is an IP address connected to that URL also known as a Domain name. A DNS (Domain Name System) is like the phonebook of the internet. You search a URL and a query will get looked up in the DNS cache, if the information is saved on our computer the page will load if not the DNS will query another server. Recursive DNS servers have their own local cache for the internet, as your computer does. Many ISPs use the same recursive DNS servers, Most of the time the domain name is already in its cache if this is the case your web page will load.

To locate the IP address for "anonytimes.com", we will need to query the authoritative name server for the address record also known as the A record. A Recursive DNS server accesses the A record for "anonytimes.com" from the authoritative name servers. It then stores the record in its local cache. If another query requests the A record for "anonytimes.com", the recursive server will have the answer.

All DNS records have a time-to-live value, this tells the server when the domain will expire. The recursive DNS server will automatically ask for this information after a certain amount of time passes to make sure it has not expired. If the Recursive DNS server has the information it will return the A record to your computer. Your computer will store that record in its local cache. It will finally read the IP address from the DNS record and passed the data to your browser. The web browser will connect to the web server associated with the A records IP and display the website in your browser. This whole process, as long as it seems, will only time take milliseconds on a normal machine.

This is how the dns servers works

Any time during this process if one of these servers goes out a chuck of the internet will go out. DNS servers are used by the Military, Amazon, Google, and Facebook to name a few. We have seen a massive blackout of the internet for hours affecting large tech companies Twitter has gone down due to DNS issues, Amazon, and Facebook to name the big guys. People were having a hard time because these companies have our real lives and even work online. They also control servers and data as well which is necessary for national security, not just in the USA but in every single country in the world. The reason this caught my attention was main about free speech, this tactic can be used to blackout voices in oppressed countries, and journalists as well. Even if you create your own DNS server for say a blog, you can stay online during blackouts, you can do that with something simple like a couple of PI 3's or better. It's an idea. A larger website would need more servers and storage of course.

I've even thought of the idea of running these servers off the solar, wind, and /or hydropower. That's another topic of course. Think about how cool it would be to run some network off the energy the planet creates for free and environmentally friendly. Those fu*king hippies "shake fist".