What is the New World Order, a break down of pro's and con's.

People fear the New World Order much like people fear change. Why do some people love the idea and others hate it?

What is the New World Order, a break down of pro's and con's.

"New World Order" has been used by many political leaders and organizations referring to a new global political and economic system. Fans of the New World Order will say that it will bring stability to the world, while others argue that it could lead to the loss of nationalism and freedoms. From my understanding, New World Order was never written in the bible, but the bible talks about a land where after his second coming, Jesus brings a place that is like heaven on Earth for all nations. I still am trying to figure out how that's a bad thing. The "New World Order" is a concept the forefathers of America came up with, it's relatively new to the world.  

New World Order is that it will help to address global challenges such as poverty, climate change, Human Trafficking and terrorism. Much like the Interpol and FBI working together globally to catch criminals. By working together on a global level, countries could pool their resources and expertise. This could lead to greater economic development and a higher standard of living for people all around the world. If we had a Global Law enforcement and Court system then people like Brittany Griner wouldn't have gotten 9 years for something that's legal in the US. Paul Whelan would be treated fairly because he's a human not because of where he is from. Girl's in Iran wouldn't be arrested and killed for not wearing a hajib. True freedom for all would be possible. There is also the idea of a standard of currency that all people can use without big banks getting involved offering more freedom for the people. 

There are concerns about the consequences of the New World Order. Some argue that it could lead to power in the hands of a few global elites, who could use their influence to shape the world in their own interests. We see that today with people like Elon Musk and Trump, but we also see it with people who have good intentions for the world. They claim it could lead to Zero democracy and Zero individual freedoms because decisions about the direction of the world would be made by a small group of people rather than by the people themselves. This is also false. Freedom entails every human getting a voice and the only way to ensure it is by changing the voting system and allowing the people to cast one vote where it is all recorded on a public ledger forever. It's possible and the fear will be unfounded, this is also part of the New World Order. 

Overall, the New World Order is a controversial concept that raises questions about the future of global politics and economics. I ask anyone who reads this to take a step back and think about it. How would it feel to know you can freely and safely travel the world, not worrying about currency exchanges? Knowing that your family and friends worldwide are all enjoying the same things as you. Dictators and tyrants want to control everything, they want to close their people off like little cult nations. Human nature is to migrate and travel. That is what we have done since the beginning, why all of a sudden did we stop? The answer is simple, tyrants and dictators needed cult followers.