The Real Truth behind Monster Pizza Shop

I was the victim of this, and I just want people's voices to speak up.

The Real Truth behind Monster Pizza Shop
Monster's Pizza Shop

The Pe*os of the Pizza Shop

A small town hides a big secret that most people do not know or refuse to acknowledge. Pizza gate has always been really just not on the level people have been claiming. There is no underground spot to this pizza shop and he was not even a fan of Hillary, he voted for Trump. You looked in the wrong places!

Back in the early 90s, a pizza shop started in Jacksonville, North Carolina. (Piney Green)
The three guys who started the pizza shop were all s*xual predators two of which have been convicted of s*xual assault on children.

Adam Wayne Adkins, the ring leader, has s*xually assaulted many kids and females throughout the years. He was charged with s*xually molesting a child. I'm hoping others come forward to expose this literal Monster. Luckily there is only one store in Hubert and 2 stores called Dino's pizza in North Carolina. Any Monsters Pizza or Dinos Pizza outside of North Carolina have no affiliation to Monsters Pizza in Hubert or they have fallen victim to this guy's s*xual depravity or to his conning ways. Adam is a major con man and has been known to offer "gifts" in return for silence.

Adam Wayne Adkins Photo

Clint Eric Nuckles is a convicted child s*x offender and one of Adam's best friends. Clint Eric Nuckles is one that slipped through the cracks. He was removed from the s*x offender list because he took a class. Eric's tactics are insulting and belittling people.

Clint Eric Nuckles Photo

Tom Dwain Sanders is recently deceased and openly bragged about being attracted to little boys. Some of his "closer" friends would joke about him liking 9-year-old boys.

Tom Dwain Sanders Photo

Tom and Adam play with guns while Adam is on probation for molesting a child. Two child predators hanging tight with intimidation methods.

Two sex offenders in one photo