Media Lies about Sri Lanka, this is the uncensored truth for the revolution

When leaders abuse their power in one of the most peaceful countries in the world revolution is inevitable.

Media Lies about Sri Lanka, this is the uncensored truth for the revolution
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Sri Lanka is the land of peace with about 80% of the people being Buddhist

Most people had never heard of Sri Lanka until recently when the people decided to finally scream about the corruption. What happened? How did a country that lives peacefully with different religions including Christians, Muslims, and Hindus have to rebel?

1980s Mahinda becomes president. In Sri Lanka, there was a rebel group the rebels demanding to be treated fairly. The story is foggy but it's odd that Mahinda went in and killed them and the News Papers called him a hero. Only cowards kill people so I cannot see him as a Hero. My personal opinion is it was staged, to this day there are still rebels fighting injustices. We can look to see what happened and that injustices are still happening. When I say staged, I mean media tells lies and the victors get to write the history. In this case, Mahinda wrote himself a good history... Oh, wait, we'll get into that later.

Mahinda has held president for too many years it seems staged, again opinion. Sri Lankans do have one issue they only promote people who have some kind of clout. I'm not really sure why. This needs to change within the people if they want true democracy and the people to matter.

Mahinda decided he was going to make the government a family affair. In his said family they promised all these great things, building, and tourism, exporting and importing from all the great neighbors. The surrounding countries came in. Japan opened its hand to Sri Lanka in friendship, China did as well. Russian and Ukrainian tourism was big in Sri Lanka. Mahinda and his family accepted the money with promises of paying off debts. Things went sour and the friendship was lost. India has even helped this family out. They are in debt and have basically defaulted on loans. This is not the fault of the people of Sri Lanka this is the fault of the family left to run the country. Covid and the war in Ukraine have caused the economic loss. This is not the fault of the family or the people. China was going to visit Sri Lanka recently and the president wanted to dictate to him when the president came to visit. Huh? How can you dictate when you owe them money and they are coming to see the problem? Something is just not adding up.

Let's never forget that these people are in debt to many countries and they live in mansions and take private jets. It's my opinion they should be jailed for mishandling money.

The people in Sri Lanka are running out of food, they have gas lines and are running out of gas. They have to wait days for gas sometimes. They are now paying 700% inflation. The Media lies and inside Sri Lanka the regular average person is paying 700% inflation. I want you to figure that math out. People cannot sustain that.

The people organize protests, rightfully so. They run up to the Mansions to see how the other half lives, they take a nap and go for a swim. They browsed the menu. These guys who could not pay their debt while their people starve are feasting on Mutton and the servants get one meal a day. What? The Media claimed that the police fought the people off. This is not true at all. The Sri Lanka people stepped away peacefully after cleaning up and making everything clean. They smile and waved welcoming someone that would help them. I f*cking hate when the media lies. 80% Buddhist, the most peaceful religion there is.. and the people had to get mad to be seen. We cannot as a world sit back and allow our brothers and sisters to suffer.

Gota's, Mahinda brothers menu while people starve.

When people stand up together things happen. The only brutality was the police but the people as a whole did not want to fight the police they just want help. The thing here is the police and the military too will suffer if something doesn't happen and there will be no police fighting the people, they will be with the people.

This is kinda a warning to the rest of the world when a country's government becomes so influenced by clout, that the country is going to get f*cked and not in a good way. The people are going to be mad and we see more of this happening. Money should not dictate power, this is where we are completely flawed as human beings.

One thing I wish to see is; China, Japan, and India coming together to help put someone in power that will pay their debts and help one of the most beautiful countries in the world to thrive. The USA has its head up the weapons companies a** right now, so can we even ask them?

Sri Lanka a country with nearly perfect weather with mountains and beaches, it's located right on the equator. A dream vacation. I mean who doesn't want to try some Sri Lankan pizza? They have some bright minds too and are shunned yet some of the smartest guys in tech live right there in that little paradise. Open your eyes to what Sri Lanka can offer.