Matt Gaetz and the Child Grooming Drag Queens both protected by loud mouth gun toting lunitics.

Matt Gaetz has loud mouths like Majory Taylor Greene protecting him. At the same time, Antifa is protecting Drag Queen tea parties with groomer parents. The entertainment at these parties is exotic dancing for dollars.

Matt Gaetz and the Child Grooming Drag Queens both protected by loud mouth gun toting lunitics.
Under the Big Tent

Welcome to the circus in the USA. We have both sides that are full of child groomers. One side is teaching kids to take money for dressing up and dancing for dollars, we have another side buying kids for s*x. Both sides have decided to use weapons to protect themselves. Their end goal is grooming children for online s*xual abuse. S*x for dollars, sugar daddies, and so on.

Their goal is to get kids to do their s*xual bidding. a majority of them will kill so they can abuse children. These groups have been fighting for a long time to get this to pass. They always go after the gay community because child groomers generally like boys and girls on a higher majority statistically. When we look at offenders' data this is the trend.

Let's see... Epstein, there were 100s if not 1,000s of people on that island trying to f*ck kids. All those people on Epstein's plane too. These child abusing circles feel as if it is time for them to come to the surface and gain sympathy for wanting children. They do it in make-up or flaunt money and fame to coach the children. Same old game.

I do not have a problem with gays or trans being around children but I do have a serious problem with drag queens. Drag Queens are performance artists that deal in s*xual play. Why do they want to be around children? Why are mothers and fathers pushing this? That's gross but there are plenty of child-abusing families in history. What makes people think this has stopped? Is it that the people who don't want to acknowledge it are child abusers themselves? I tend to lean toward they want to f*ck kids too.

Where are all the true real good people? Where are you? We need to protect our children. These people do not want to protect them.