Free speech agenda of Elon Musk's and Trump

The real truth behind free speech on Twitter. you need to know how Elon and Trump spreading their agenda through this.

Free speech agenda of Elon Musk's and Trump
Free speech on Twitter

The Twitter files

Opinions are like a55h*les, everyone has one, and some stink more than others.

Free Speech is a double-edged sword. Free Speech is not absolute this means that you have Free Speech but you are not exempt from the consequences of your Free Speech. Anything inciting a group of people to harm others or in some cases overthrow governments is illegal. Calling someone fat or ugly is not illegal, but there is a thin line between insulting and harassing. Free Speech is a slippery slope. This is something we must keep in mind

Twitter is supposed to be the beacon of Free Speech when I have witnessed over the years, that people posting memes were removed, and people who disagreed were removed. It was all spectrums of the political world, not just Trump and not just America. My issue with Twitter is they put all their time into labeling "misinformation" yet Groomers and Child Abuser run wild on the platform. There are even hashtags dedicated to grooming children and child abuse. How about getting your f*cking act together, Twitter. This is disgusting on all kinds of levels.

I watched as the nation and even the world gasped as Trump was banned from Twitter. People started losing their minds and rightfully so. Let me start by saying that Trump is a piece of sh*t that parrots his same talking points endlessly, he does nothing but brag exposing the ego he has. He has also been called to jail, tortured, and even killed people who disagreed with him. Then he's hypocritically crying about Free Speech in the following sentence. The question here is, should Trump be held accountable for his words based on his followers actions? I guess we are leaving that up to the justice system to answer.

"We could be in space flying tesla's but Elon is a Media Who*e"

Elon letting Trump back on Twitter is not a problem for me. I love Free Speech, plus everyone likes a clown to laugh at. Elon and Trump have one major thing in common, they both love the attention. Social Media management is one of the most thankless stressful jobs anyone can have. It doesn't matter what happens because Twitter will always be the place on the internet everyone goes to sh*t.