Alex Jones; The truth telling lying Hypocrite. Wat?

Alex is a lot to take in. I'll share my opinion. Some will like it and some will hate it, but I promise everyone will agree with 'some' of what I say.

Alex Jones; The truth telling lying Hypocrite. Wat?
666 == mark of the beast and Alex said anyone holding that up is worshipping Satan, if he is a christian why is he holding that up?

What is Alex Jones?

He's a clown it's a simple question to answer. He is a dangerous clown because he has a large following that has turned out to be extremely violent and intolerant of things that do not harm people. Alex preaches about Freedom and God, but he also preaches against it. America is one of the best countries in the world to live and thrive and people will lay their life on the line to defend it, and I totally respect that. I too love aspects of this country and the freedom I am given because I could have been born in Iran where you can get raped and killed just for being a girl. I can wake up every day and go to the store freely and feel mostly safe. That's amazing. This country is not without fault there are many things we should change about this country, and for the most part, there are shifts and changes for the better. Let's just say, we aren't totally doomed. 

If Alex Jones really loved God and he loved Freedom and America why the hell wouldn't he want to offer that freedom to all countries in the world? That's just common sense boys and girls. 

Alex has used tactics through the years of fear, and you know what? We should be in some kind of fear of things. For example, we can't let the government get too big, we can't let mobs and groups of people scream to hang people. We can't let those things happen. I do not want my guns taken away because criminals are going to be criminals but I do feel there should be much stricter gun laws, very strict. 

Alex Jones has also been wrong many times about things, such as the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook. Why? For money. Selling his soul for Money.  I tell you what, Jesus would have never done that, I mean Alex Claims to be a Christian, right? Do not play the Bible game with me. I have that shit down on lock, try me.

Alex is right about chemicals in the water, he is right about The New World Order, It was founded by our forefathers. The problem though is that Alex doesn't understand the New World Order at all.  The New World Order is to fulfil a prophecy of the world finally uniting as one. One World where everyone is treated Kindly, with the same laws, and the same safety, the same educational opportunities. How is this BAD? Stopping the New World Order leads to death and destruction and gives powers to brutal kings. So tell me 

In the end, Alex Jones is a human, a greedy, selfish, lying hypocritical loser but still human. Everyone makes mistakes I'm all about second chances if change happens. 

I see Alex send money like water for himself and his family, and that's okay but does he really need all those watches? You see, I have seen Alex Jones watches in Places they should have never been, he really was a pedo hunter and hater of Epstein and Gates and all that? Alex Jones, I am calling you out, and yes I know my life could be at risk but Are you a kid fucker? Is that what you were caught doing and now they are blackmailing you? Uh oh, you got some splainin' to do.